Well this was a first too :-)

My Hubby and I have just had an amazing 5 weeks and you will now see why I’ve been away from my blog for so long, Our Beautiful daughter Katie lives in Australia with her partner so we only get to see her once a year (although she comes for a few weeks at a time), also our lovely Son Lives in London with his fiance.

So two days before Katie travelled back to Australia, we were lucky enough to have both our ‘children’ staying with us, so I suggested all 4 of us should go up to my craft room and make Santa gift boxes together, we had such a laugh, both Katie and I are very arty/crafty but my Hubby and Son are ‘Not so much’!!! hahaha but they made a great effort and I thought I would show you the outcome of our crafty afternoon together.

PicMonkey CollageAs you can see we had a great afternoon together, so if any of you feel you aren’t crafty and would’nt be able to make anything, maybe look at these photos and think again, give me a shout if you would like to join any of my classes :-)


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