Easter has come and gone again

Hi Everyone

So Sorry Ive not posted for a while, although I’ve still been running two classes a month, we have also had a very exciting time in our family, our Lovely Son got married in march to Yesim his beautiful Bride, so I’m afraid my website got sidelined, but I’m back now and my Easter class will be thrilled that they have made it onto the website, so here are the photos of our craft afternoon, where we made Easter Bunny and Easter chick Boxes and filled them with Easter eggs. Well done to you all you did a great job.

Easter Class

Easter Class

IMG_2294 IMG_2296

Easter Class

Easter Class

I have a couple of spaces available in the classes, so if you would like to join us for a fun relaxed afternoon or day crafting then just get in touch and book your place, all levels of Crafters are catered for so don’t think you can’t join.

Looking forward to a summer of crafting ✂️✂️✂️


First ‘Craft Day” of 2017

These classes have become popular, we have a great relaxing day crafting, having lunch together and lots of Tea/coffee/Biscuits, on these days we make a range of projects using a few of the new products in the new spring/summer catalogue, this month we made Three cards and a box to put them in, see the pictures below to see what an amazing job everyone made, :-)

IMG_1650 IMG_1651 IMG_1652 IMG_1653 IMG_1654 IMG_1655

This is the Gift box/gift I gave the Ladies that attended this class :-)

The products we used to make these Projects are listed below, if you would like to make any of these Projects  yourself, and need all or some of the products required, just click on the product and you will be taken to my online shop, where you can browse through these and all other Stampin Up products.



My First monthly class of 2017

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all coping with this freezing cold weather, I’m one of those mad people who actually love January as my lovely Hubby and I both have our birthdays this month, so it never drags for us as much as for many others.

Stampin up also have amazing offers in January right through to the end of March, with lots of freebies, so for every £45.00 you spend you get to choose an amazing free gift :-) Who doesn’t love a freebie??? so hop over to my to my online shop and get shopping :-) :-)

My monthly classes I run run for 2.5 hours and we have loads of fun, the pictures below are what we made in my January monthly class, I’m sure you will agree the ladies did an amazing job.

The Ladies hard at work :-)

The Ladies hard at work :-)

Rachel's Finished Cards :-)

Rachel’s Finished Cards :-)

Nicky's Finished Cards :-)

Nicky’s Finished Cards :-)

Sam's Finished Cards :-)

Sam’s Finished Cards :-)

Milly's Finished Cards :-)

Milly’s Finished Cards :-)

Ruth's Finished Cards :-)

Ruth’s Finished Cards :-)

Lorraine's Finished Cards :-)

Lorraine’s Finished Cards :-)


The products we used to make these two cards are listed below, if you would like to make these cards yourself, and need all or some of the products required, just click on the product and you will be taken to my online shop, where you can browse through these and all other Stampin Up products.


Happy New Year :-)

Hi Everyone

I just want to wish all my Customers who come to my craft classes and buy Stampin Up Craft products from my online shop a VERY Happy New Year :-)

I’m looking forward to crafting with you all in 2017 and would love to see new Crafters join us.



Our Last Christmas Workshop

This was our last Christmas Workshop and this time we made 6 crackers and a box to put them in, we had loads of fun making this project, each cracker had a fun size choc bar in them.

Here are the photos of the Ladies completed projects




As as you can see everyone made the same project but they turned out so different using different colours

Well done Ladies

I will be doing a lot more ‘Craft Days’ in 2017 so look forward to crafting with you all


Second Christmas Workshop 😀

The second Christmas Workshop day was a great success, this time we made one big project and thanks go to my friend Caroline Hallett for the inspiration.

See below all the Ladies, working throughout the day and also their finished projects, I’m sure you will agree they did a fabulous job, some of them had never come to one of my classes before, it’s all very relaxed and a lot of fun, so why not join us in the new year 😀

IMG_1420IMG_1422 IMG_1423 IMG_1424 IMG_1425 IMG_1426 IMG_1427 IMG_1428

So these albums we made can hold about 18photos on the right hand side and there are tags on the left hand side for you to write your own messages, although these are for Christmas 🎄 you can make one for just about any occasion.

If you would like to join me in the new year to make some amazing projects just follow the links for the classes on the calendar and book your place 😀


My first Christmas Workshop :-)

I held my first Christmas Workshop on Saturday 29th October, we had great fun and everyone finished the project on time :-) (which is unheard of usually we always manage to run over!!).

I got the project idea from my friend and fellow Stampin up Demo Kim Fee so thanks go to her for allowing me to teach my ladies how to make it.

See the pictures below of everyone crafting and their end results, I’m sure you will agree what a fabulous job they made of them.

Here is the table ready for the Ladies all the Kits Prepped and bins at the ready to :-)

Here are the Ladies crafting :-)

The Ladies all crafting :-)

The Ladies all crafting :-)


Here are the Ladies finished Projects :-)

Ruth’s :-)

Ruth's :-)

Kate’s :-)

Kate's :-)

Nicky’s :-)

Nicky's :-)

Trudie’s :-)

Trudie's :-)

Sam’s :-)

Sam's :-)

Sam’s :-)

As you can see the Ladies did an amazing job.

So how would you like to join us for the next Christmas Workshop it will be held on Saturday 19th November, all you need to do is hop over to the calendar on here and follow the link to book your place, there are only 2 places left now so book your place asap, if you can’t make this one I have one more Christmas Workshop on Sunday 4th December.

I also run monthly classes where we make a variety of papercraft projects, Cards, Boxes and 3D items

Look forward to crafting with you soon :-)


Christmas is coming to Jilly’s Creative corner :-)

Christmas is coming to Jilly’s Creative corner :-)

Yes its that time of year again, and this year I will be running 3 Christmas Workshops, one in October, one in November and the last one in December, click on the ‘Workshop’ button and then on the drop down menu click on ‘Christmas’ and all the details are on there, then to book your place and pay click on the Calender and click on the date you would like to come and the pay button is on there.

Places will be limited to 10 per workshop so to avoid disappointment I would book your place soon, if you need to ask anything please don’t hesitate to contact me, always happy to chat :-)

Christmas Workshop Poster 2016


Well this was a first too :-)

My Hubby and I have just had an amazing 5 weeks and you will now see why I’ve been away from my blog for so long, Our Beautiful daughter Katie lives in Australia with her partner so we only get to see her once a year (although she comes for a few weeks at a time), also our lovely Son Lives in London with his fiance.

So two days before Katie travelled back to Australia, we were lucky enough to have both our ‘children’ staying with us, so I suggested all 4 of us should go up to my craft room and make Santa gift boxes together, we had such a laugh, both Katie and I are very arty/crafty but my Hubby and Son are ‘Not so much’!!! hahaha but they made a great effort and I thought I would show you the outcome of our crafty afternoon together.

PicMonkey CollageAs you can see we had a great afternoon together, so if any of you feel you aren’t crafty and would’nt be able to make anything, maybe look at these photos and think again, give me a shout if you would like to join any of my classes :-)


Fab time was had by all at my First Young persons Class :-)

Fab time was had by all at my First Young persons Class :-)

I had a request from Sam one of my regular Class Ladies, if I would do a class for both her Nieces’ birthday, so we arranged a date and both the girls came along with Sam and Nicky two of my regulars, we made Halloween Gift boxes, see photos below :-)

IMG_1038Here are all the Girls and their Witches and Pumpkin gift boxes that they made in class, Top left is Emily, Top Right is Joanne, Bottom Left is Sam and Bottom Right is Nicky, what a great job they all made of them :-)